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Long Street is one of the oldest streets in the iconic City of Cape Town famously marked by Victorian architecture adorned with delicate wrought-iron balconies dating back to the early 1800s, historically lionised places of worship and the city's most vibrant and iconic nightlife scene. 

Long Street gained notoriety in the 1970s as the main site for political demonstrations and anti-apartheid performances and the street's maverick nature and energy remained as it burgeoned into South Africa's cultural and entertainment hub. 

Long Street, 1845
Long Street, 1905
Long Street 2021


Long Street's rich history,  global recognition and eclectic genetic code have cemented this 20 block strip as a national icon and more importantly, a national asset that is a key determinant in the direction and success of South African tourism.

As of 2021, a 10-year revitalisation and positioning strategy has been set in motion that will establish this special precinct as an ecologically healthy economic hub driven by the country's finest art, culture, entertainment and hospitality offerings.